5 ways to get ready for the party season

Party season

5 ways to get ready for the party season 

Party season is here and we are so excited! December is always filled with work Christmas parties, birthdays, family and New Year celebrations. So, how can you prepare and look your best? Lucky for you we’ve whittled it down to five things you can do.

  1. Drink a glass of water before every meal

“Drink more water!” – it’s constantly drilled into us if we’re after good skin but how much are we actually supposed to drink in order to create a noticeable difference? The figure that is commonly quoted is 8; 8 glasses of water a day should do it to ensure that your skin is hydrated and feels moisturised. Think of water as a moisturiser for the body but from the inside out.

Though, the secret is to ensure that you’re drinking enough water consistently. There’s no use drinking 8 glasses in one sitting as this will only make your body want to flush it out immediately rather than retain to hydrate the skin.

Top tip: Try drinking a glass of water before every meal and snack. Not only will it make sure you get the daily dose you need but it would also make sure you feel fuller for longer so you can fit into that little black dress for the upcoming party.

  1. Get a facial at the right time

A surprising amount of young girls shy away from getting a regular facial because they’re under the impression that facials cause redness and breakouts. Whilst facials can cause redness an hour or two after this is not something to be worried about. When done properly, redness in the skin should be minimal as it is only a result of increased circulation and the cleansing of pores.

Top tip: Don’t get a facial the day before an important event. If you’re worried about post-facial redness this will guarantee you don’t go to an event looking all flared up and will prevent you from applying heavy make-up to post facial skin. Allow the skin to breathe and you’ll thank yourself for more radiant, fresher looking skin in the long run.

  1. Get nails that will last the whole season not just for one night

Indulge yourself by getting one of our technicians to pamper you while you choose your nail colour. Enjoy therapists cutting, filing and looking after your cuticles before they apply one of the two infamous gel paints, Shellac or Essie.

No trauma is caused to the nail meaning you can come time and time again when you get bored of the colour. Gels are known for their incredible strength and longevity so mix it up or keep it simple but just know that you’ll have a look that’ll never fade.

  1. Get lashes the natural way

The party season is an opportunity to treat ourselves and dress up. There’s always an event round the corner so why not make the getting ready part a little easier?

Try the Indulgence Lash Lift; results last for up to 6 weeks, perfect for the season. The Indulgence Lash Lift provides clients with longer looking lashes without the need of harsh perming techniques. The treatment only takes 45 minutes and produces immediate, visible results. Treat yourself to more voluminous, natural looking lashes.

5. Never worry about your eyebrows again

Brows are a staple of any make-up look now and it can be time consuming as well as confusing to know how to get them right. Are you constantly finding yourself filling your brows in? Do you have no idea what you’re doing?

Whether you’re into the trends or simply want beautiful brows that suit you we’ve developed a way to help you get them. Indulgence has spent the last few years creating what we call I.B.D. – Indulgence Brow Design. The treatment lasts 4-6 weeks and can include anything from tinting, to plucking to tweezing to waxing.

Never worry about your eyebrows again, we’ve got you covered.

Whether you’re obsessed with beauty treatments or a total beginner, let us make your life easier for you while you treat yourself this month. Look and feel your best knowing everything’s taken care of.