Indulgence is the Only Way

Indulgence is the Only Way

We all know of prestige car manufacturers, beauty products, quality clothing, high-class hotels and “names”.   We all have something that we consider of the highest possible standard and hold in high regard.

How do you keep high standards? And, how do you keep consistentlyhigh standards? You do what Indulgence has decided to do and train your staff yourself. At Indulgence Beauty we believe in training our staff to the highest possible standard and the only way that’s possible is if we do it ourselves. Who better to teach the incoming talent than those who were once in their position?

By committing to in-house training, we have managed to hone in on the specific skills we need to make sure our business runs smoothly; this, in return means that the service for YOU is better. It’s important to us that our team know exactly how to administer a treatment correctly, for both quality and safety reasons. We won’t accept anything less than the best, which is why we don’t outsource our training. Many members of the team have undergone vigorous training with two of our group being awarded Dermalogica Expert status; they are both one of the highest trained skin care experts in the country. We wholeheartedly encourage our staff to go on as many courses as they can so they have a breadth of knowledge to cater to any particular situation for a client.

It may seem like our focus lies on training, which may lead some clients to assume that our roots of being a working, “in-practice” salon get neglected but this is not true. After years of struggling to catch her big break our boss, Gemma definitely understands what it’s like to be young and in want of as much training as possible. Indulgence wants to help others help themselves by providing precise, accurate and up-to-date knowledge to its learners.

But it’s not just all about efficiency and work, work, work; we want to create a healthy, happy environment at Indulgence. We want to inspire loyalty and trust in our team so that at the end of the day they are left feeling motivated and fresh. We’re not looking to burn through people but rather, conserve them. Long gone are the days of reworking and replacing staff; we aim to create therapists that last for the long run.

Reinforcing a culture of hard work in the Indulgence family is important to us. By having the training process in the work space, we ensure that this is the attitude held throughout their time with us.

Indulgence is primarily a place for relaxation and rejuvenation and we hope that this is the case for our staff as well as our clients.

A rare haven of relaxation where you can de-stress, unwind, and let us cater to all your beauty needs in one place.


Indulgence Beauty shortlisted in the finals for the South East Region of The 4th London Hair & Beauty Awards 2018 in the Beauty Salon of the Year Category.

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