Nails, waxing and treatments: I can get them cheaper

‘Cheap is about cost, Frugal is about value’

We’re all aware of the phrase, ‘If it looks too good to be true, then it usually is’ and this is 100% applicable when talking about ‘beauty deals’. It is so easy to get sucked in by appealing prices on the internet but you need to ensure you’re being safe. With online shopping taking over, there are more and more beauty fads popping up that haven’t been tested properly. As well as this, there are many beauty salons claiming to do the same things as others when in fact they’re cutting corners on costs whilst jeopardising the quality of treatments.

At Indulgence, we don’t believe in extortionate prices but we do believe in delivering high quality service with the use of high quality products. For example, we use Lycon wax in comparison to other salons using ‘cheaper’ alternatives. Using this kind of wax ensures a cleaner, smoother finish. We are always on the lookout for new advances in the industry but take extra measures when introducing them to the salon.

Your health is the most important thing to us at the salon, which is why we take pride in our therapists. We ensure that our therapists know not only how to perform a treatment but also know the in-depth anatomy and physiology related to the treatment so that if any problems should occur, they are in the best position to help the client. Our therapists have a good knowledge and are trained by us to a high standard, meaning that there is little room for things to go wrong during treatments.

So, what can happen when treatments go wrong? A whole list of things can happen, some are easily fixable and some not so much. There are numerous horror stories associated with trips to the beauty salon but here are some common problems which can occur when people haven’t been trained properly or try and reduce costs inefficiently. At Indulgence, we use hot wax for all Hollywood or Brazilian waxes, which ensures not only a clean finish but also a comfortable one. Traditional strip wax can be used but only in the right hands. There have been many women who have experienced bruising, burns or even ripped skin due to the incorrect use of wax. Our therapists know how to treat skin well and when it is appropriate to use the different materials. All of our therapists go to Dermalogica HQ and study lengthy speciality courses before gaining specialist and expert certification. There is no doubt that at Indulgence, you will be in good hands.

What else should you be careful of; any treatment that is going to expose your body to chemicals such as eyebrow tinting. It’s of paramount importance to ensure you are patch tested for any ‘first’ treatment. It’s just as equally important to repeat your patch test regularly. Repeated exposure to any product can occasionally develop into an allergy. At Indulgence we want to ensure your safety, comfort and well-being during every visit and won’t carry out treatment without a patch test. Wherever you go, always ask for a patch test. Your health should come before any treatment.

You should also be wary of wild promises by beauty salons. It is not just the price you should be looking out for but also what the salon claims to do. It is not uncommon for clients to be fooled into getting something that they’re not. For example, having a lash lift does mean you’ll get a natural lift enhancement but it is not an extension. Having longer, thicker lashes immediately is an unrealistic expectation but can be one that is promoted convincingly, yet falsely, by other salons.

We avoid making claims we cannot support and we also believe in talking to our clients. We talk through any treatments you may be unsure of as well as giving you advice on what we think would be best for you. Don’t take any risks when it comes to your body and health. Ensure it’s the Indulgence Way.