Top 5 Things People Forget To Tell You When Talking About Sun Protection

Yes, it’s that time of year again when we parade through the shops looking for the right sunscreen; factor 20, 30, 50? What do the factors really mean? Will I still tan if I go for a higher factor? Do I need to wear sunscreen on my face if my make-up has an SPF count? So, here are some common myths broken down:

There’s SPF in my make-up, I’ll be fine

Having a two-in-one foundation may seem ideal but the problem is a dab of foundation never equals the amount of sunscreen that should be used on your face. No one could possibly wear enough make-up to get the amount of SPF you need on your face for the day.

If I wear 60 SPF then I’ll have double the protection of a bottle of 30 SPF

The common misconception is that shelling out the big money on the higher SPF is the best way to protect yourself from burning when in actual fact, 30 SPF will usually do the job. An SPF of 60 compared to one of 30 does not offer double the protection and neither does it last twice as long. When applied in appropriate amounts an SPF of 30 will block out about 96% of UVB rays. When you go up to 60, the percentage increases by about 2%. There is absolutely no way to ensure you are covered 100%. Either way, you should make sure to top up your sunscreen throughout the day as even those that claim to last all day definitely don’t.

Whether you’re swanning away in the French Riviera or spending your day with a jug of Pimms in the garden, always always always remember to apply sunscreen throughout the day to stay healthy whilst maintaining that summer glow.

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