Why beauty treatments are good for your health!

Some people question the value of beauty treatments, mostly those who don’t understand the wider benefits of looking after yourself. Sure, there are many ways to relax and unwind, but nothing quite compares to the benefits of experiencing a professionally applied treatment in a relaxing, warm and stress-free environment.

Are beauty treatments are self-indulgent? They’re supposed to be. It is important to take a break and take care of yourself, despite often feeling that you don’t have the time to. With a busy schedule it can be hard, especially when you find yourself constantly being your own last priority.

Every person should invest in themselves, and doing it in a place away from home and the stresses of everyday life allows them the time to pause and take a break whilst in the care of qualified professionals. All of our therapists at Indulgence Beauty are fully qualified practitioners and receive regular training to ensure their skills are at the highest level. Even our most senior therapists go through continuous training so that we can provide the best service and experience for you.

As well as the obvious physical benefits that you get from a beauty treatment, there are also emotional benefits that should not be ignored. Experiencing professional treatments allow you to unwind and de-stress. Taking a little time out to focus on yourself is the key to maximised productivity both in your work and personal life.

Everyone needs time to think and reflect, so combining this with treating your body to something that will also benefit you physically makes sense. Massages improve blood circulation and can help relieve aches and conditions such as arthritis and sciatica. Body exfoliating treatments polish the skin whilst promoting cell regeneration, and facials have been proven to boost serotonin levels, making you feel all round happier.

Whilst beauty treatments are often given as gifts to others, why not consider it an investment of your health and wellbeing, and book something for yourself?

At Indulgence, we have a full range of treatments to choose from, whether that be a massage or facial, a manicure or wax, we do it all. Indulge yourself a little or a lot and feel the benefits for a long time to come. With Mother’s Day coming up it would make a lovely gift, or the perfect treat for yourself!

You can book using our app (download ‘Indulgence Beauty Salon’ from your app store) or by calling us on:

Bexleyheath – 020 8304 7220 or Bromley – 020 8464 3391.