Dare to bare?

After a couple of our girls recently went on the Bare Minerals advanced make-up training course, we’ve learnt lots more about the brand, and how their make-up can help your skin. Here’s a brief history to explain how Bare Minerals could transform your skin as you know it.

Bare Minerals began 35 years ago, and has since gone on to become a revolutionary brand of make-up, using only natural minerals in its ingredients. Starting in the USA in small apothecary shops, the iconic Bare Minerals foundation is now the number one best selling foundation in the whole of America.

The brand has since built upon the foundation and its all-natural ethic, to expand the make-up collection into other pieces, such as eye shadows, lip sticks and glosses, and so on. All products contain solely mineral ingredients. The reason for using mineral ingredients is to be kind to the skin, as well as treating it. Containing several soothing and calming minerals, the foundation is known to improve the appearance of skin surface and tone. With added zinc oxide as the power ingredient, this acts as an anti-inflammatory to calm down any redness, as well as aid the treatment of blemishes. Also, along with titanium dioxide, these act as a natural SPF, protecting the skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays.


It is known that certain liquid foundations have oils within their ingredients, including ‘lanolin’; an oil used frequently in make-up that is actually sebum oil secreted from sheep’s skin (their sweat).

 If someone tends to have lots of blemishes and acne on the face, using these types of liquid  foundation containing oil, can cause the acne to worsen. This is due to the bacteria formed from the  blemishes, which then feeds off of the oil within the foundation, meaning blemishes increase and  almost grow through absorbing this oil. As a result, blemishes take much longer to clear, if they do  at all.

Some chemicals used within some foundations tend to become quite potent once mixed  together (with a reported average of seventy ingredients used per foundation on the market). As a  consumer, we tend not to know about this, due to the use of fragrance to cover the strong smell of  the chemicals used as ingredients. However, fragrance is actually an irritant to the skin, which can  cause redness and even an inflamed reaction. Fragrance also attracts the UV rays of the sun, which  increases the chance of skin pigmentation due to no SPF to protect the area.

 Talc is another ingredient frequently used within foundations and make-up, to bulk up the formula  and create a higher quantity of the product much more cheaply. However, talc is not as harmless as  it may seem on the skin. Talc is known to dry out areas of the skin, which can cause premature aging. Also, with talc’s powdery consistency, it will sit in any fine lines or wrinkles, making the skin appear more aged than it actually is. It is a heavy and clogging ingredient, which sits in pores and can cause irritation and sensitivity.


Mineral make-up has become something of a trend over the past few years, however Bare Minerals is the original creator of mineral foundation. In the UK, it is only necessary to include 5% of mineral ingredients into the make-up for it to be recognised as a mineral make-up product. Bare Minerals is 100% made from minerals. Other brands have, therefore been able to create their own copy-cat versions, without actually using the same ingredients at all.

Here at Indulgence, we thoroughly recommend the Bare Minerals brand, and have seen through our own use the difference it can make to your skin. Pop in to the salon any time to trial and test the mineral foundation, to see how it can work for you. We can colour match a foundation to your exact skin tone, and we also run several make-up lessons and can organise doing make-up for special occasions. Ring us on 0208 304 7220 for more information, or any advice on your beauty needs!

Stay gorgeous,
Indulgence x