As much as we love the festivities of Christmas, we have to admit we do dread the over-eating and indefinite weight gain that comes from eating too much Turkey and a few too many helpings of Christmas pudding. So we decided to turn this into a positive, and put to the test our Flabelos machine; with so much hype and press surrounding it over the past year. Is it possible for a vibrating plate to help you lose the inches?

So to prove what it says is true, two of our volunteers will take to the Flabelos machine three times a week for the next month, measuring themselves at the end of the month to see the results. And of course, we’ll be sharing every step of the way with our lovely blog followers!

Our two volunteers have completely different body shapes, so we can see the effect of the Flabelos on these two girls. We’ve taken their measurements, and a picture to show a before-and-after of how they’ll look. See below for the maths bit…


Volunteer One   

Waist – 26 inches
Abdomen – 32.3 inches
Hips – 36 inches
Bum – 36.2 inches
Upper Thigh – 20 inches
Mid-Thigh – 16.7 inches
Arm – 9.3 inches




Volunteer Two 

Waist – 30.6 inches
Abdomen – 37.7 inches
Hips – 40 inches
Bum – 40.4 inches
Upper Thigh – 23.1 inches
Mid-Thigh – 19.3 inches
Arm – 11.1 inches




Keep checking back for our updates, we’ll keep you all in the loop of our Flabelos diary!

Stay gorgeous,

Indulgence x