Indulgence High Definition Brow

We’re excited to announce that we will m=now be performing our very own indulgence  High Definaition brows Based around  The celebrity-favourite treatment which has been in the news for creating the definitive eyebrow shape; a perfect fit for your face. The trick is getting the length, shape and angle right to accentuate cheek bones, bring out eyes and highlight your best features. Not bad for a 30 minute treatment.
Indulgence High Definition  Brows use our very own  unique system to create the perfect shape for those treated. This involves using waxing, threading, plucking and tinting, before using the special  palette and Brow hairspray  to finish, using  bare minerals powder to fill in any slight gaps and stop stray hairs.

To book in for your Indulgence High Definition  Brow appointment at our Bexleyheath branch, give us a call in 0208 304 7220. Treatment costs £35 and takes approximately 40 minutes. Remember to grow your natural eyebrows as much as possible prior to treatment, to get the best possible results when reshaping the brow. A tint test is also required 48 hours before.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

Stay gorgeous,

Indulgence x