Hot Wax

Even though it’s been snowing outside and we’re battling freezing temperatures, us girls know that having your waxing all year round is essential, come rain or shine! With this in mind, we thought we’d blog about the difference a good wax can make to your skin.

Most salons use traditional strip wax in their treatments; a hot creamy wax that is applied to the skin and lifted with a paper strip. This type of wax can be used on all areas, most typically legs, eyebrows and arms.

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Our personal favourite type of wax to use is hot wax. In our salon we use the Lycon brand Hot Chocolate Wax, which has been specifically formulated for more sensitive areas of the skin and is known to be less painful than traditional strip wax. Here’s how…

Prior to waxing, a sweep of oil is applied to the area to act as a barrier between the skin and the wax. Next, a layer of hot wax is added in light strokes, bringing the hairs to the surface and getting stuck into the hot wax as it sets to a hard mould. Once set, the edge of the wax is pulled clean off the skin. With the oil between the wax and skin, and without the use of paper strip, there is less friction and sting than associated with the usual strip wax method.

Hot wax also has many benefits to the condition of your skin, including helping to prevent ingrown hairs, which can become trapped underneath the skin when trying to regrown. The method of hot waxing helps decrease ingrowing hairs due to less friction on the skin and, after time, helps lessen hair regrowth and thickness. It is also much kinder to the skin, especially more sensitive skins prone to redness and sensitivity.

If you’d like to book in and see the difference Hot Wax could make to your skin, give us a call on the usual number to speak to one of our highly trained therapists who can give advice prior to treatment.

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