New Bare Minerals Skin Care Range

Hi everyone

Hope you’ve all had a good weekend and week so far…

Last week we welcomed the new Bare Minerals skin care range into the salon – a fab new range of products designed to work with the skin rather than against it, and perfect to use with the Bare Minerals brand make up. With mineral foundation becoming increasingly popular, adding a skin care line to the new cult brand seems like the perfect idea to keep natural skin glowing from the inside out. Here’s our pick of the best products:

Jamie-Leigh (manager): ‘Loving the Pure Transformation Night Treatment; it looks similar to the Bare Minerals classic mineral foundation, yet it’s actually an enriching night cream in disguise. Gives a lovely glow overnight – perfect if you’ve got an early start in the morning (or if your boyfriend has never seen you without make up!)’

Lauren (receptionist): ‘The new Blemish Ready treatment is great to cover up spots and blemishes like a concealer whilst treating them at the same time. Perfect to wear day time with make-up to keep imperfections hidden – my new must-have.’

Kelly (co-proprietor): ‘Everyone needs a good eye cream in their make-up bag, and this Bare Minerals one can be used day or night, with or without make-up, to get to work on eyes whilst you get on with your day.’
Try the new range for yourself and see how it can change your routine for the better.

We hope to see you soon.

Stay gorgeous,
Indulgence x