Shoes, Sparkle and Shine

With everyone’s favourite shoe designer, Christian Louboutin, making his debut into the beauty world with a new make-up range, we thought we’d do a shoe-inspired post for all our fashionista readers. Here’s some great make-up looks we think will perfectly compliment our favourite shoes.

Nude peep toe – Glittered eyes, glossy lip
The fail-safe shoe, that goes with everything; everyone has a nude peep toe in their wardrobe. To glam up this shoe staple, we recommend adding some sparkle. Start by adding a little Vaseline to the eye lid, and dipping your regular eye shadow brush into your chosen pot of glitter. Use the back of your hand to dab off any excess. Work the glitter by patting the brush on the outer corner of your eye, and slowing blending in towards to inner corner. This will give a more subtle, gradual effect to the make-up, slowly building the intensity of the glitter across the eye lid, giving a lovely shimmer to the eyes. Add a natural blush to your make-up base and a glossy lip to finish.

Leopard court shoe – Smoky eye, nude matte lip
Leopard is the print of choice for most girls, and the smoky eye the same effect for make-up. Put both together and you’ve got a hot evening look. Start by using a natural pink tone eye shadow as your base, covering the entire lid. Then, using a grey or silver shade, apply the shadow from about half way across the lid and blend to the outer corner. Blend the line between the pink and grey shadows for a seamless look. Then, take a darker grey or black shadow and pat gently in the outer corner of the eye, before blending slightly towards to half way mark over the lid. Line underneath the outer corner of the eye with the darker shadow and a liner brush, going halfway underneath the bottom lash line, or right up to the inner corner of the eye, depending on how dramatic you want the look to be. Add some liner on the inner line of the bottom lash to finish. Add lashing of mascara and a nude lip stick to complete the look (blot the lipstick for a more matte effect).

Hot red wedges – Winged eye liner, false lashes
A stand-out shoe needs a dramatic look to match, and a feline flick is the perfect compliment. Add a slick of intense black liquid liner to the lid; beginning at the inner corner of the eye, and making the line slightly thicker as it travels to the outer corner. Re-dip your liner to make the winged flick, carefully matching up the original liner, drawing a diagonal flick to create the wing effect. Neaten up the line with the end of the liner pen. Then, carefully match up the second eye to create the same look. Take your chosen false lashes, and apply to the lid, as close to the lash line as possible. Once dry, redraw over the edge of the false lashes where it overlaps the liner to ensure the intense black colour is still intact. Repeat for the other side, and add a lipstick or gloss of your choice (depending how brave you are!)

Black strappy sandal – Statement red lip
A classic shoe needs a simple and effective look. The statement red lip is the icon of all make-up looks, recreated time and time again over the decades. Use a lip primer to give a flawless surface on which to build the colour. Once set, trace the outer line of the lips with a red lip liner, carefully dipping over the cupids bow to give a full, sexy pout. Then, fill in the middle with your favourite red lip stick, filling in gaps by blending with a lip brush and stain if you’re not so confident using lipstick alone. Blot lips on tissue paper and reapply, to give a stronger colour and longer lasting effect. Try a sealant on top of the finished application to ensure the colour stays put. Add lashings of black mascara to eyes to off-set the look for full-on Hollywood glamour.

Which shoe/make-up combination are you?

Stay gorgeous,

Indulgence x