Spring Make-Up

With the sun shining for us all week, we’re looking forward to summer even more in the salon. To get us all prepared for the new season, we’ve been checking out the new hottest make-up looks for the season, straight from the catwalk. Here are some of our favourites…

Winged Liner: Jonathan Saunders Spring/Summer ’12
With bold prints and patterns on the clothes, the designer decided to keep things more simple on the make-up front for his spring/summer show. Using a thick black eye liner to contrast the bright and pastel colours of the collection, made the beautiful dresses stand out even more.

To get the Jonathan Saunders look, first start with a black liquid eye liner (the best one’s come with a pointed tip, for easier application when making the wing shape). Starting at the inner corner of the eye, use the very tip of the liner pen to begin to draw a line, finally reaching to the outer corner of the eye; starting off thin and gradually making the line thicker as you draw to the other side of the lid. When you get to the outer corner, dip you liner pen back into the liquid formula and carefully add the wing shape, picking up from the line where you left off at the outer corner of the eye. The tricky part is getting the angle right, so it’s best to try and get roughly a 45 degree diagonal line, going up from the corner of your eye and directed towards to brown bone. Once you have made the line (as long or short as you desire), you can trace over to make it thicker, evening the original line as you go. Keep the rest of your make-up natural, with a pink flush of blusher and nude/pink lips to finish your catwalk ready look.

Source: www.fashion-allure.com

Chocolate Lip: Donna Karan Spring/Summer ‘12
Statement lipstick can be hard to wear with all the different outfits, trends and colours we have stocked in our wardrobe, and it’s hard to know which shades harmonize well, and which ones clash. Donna Karan has made things easier for us by using the matte chocolate lip as the shade of choice when trying statement lipstick this season. Chocolate brown is the ideal shade for this look, being both part of the neutral colour palette and yet still strong enough to carry off as a statement for your entire make-up look.

We recommend firstly moisturising the lips with a good lip balm 5-10 minutes before applying, then blotting the excess moisture with a tissue. This allows the lipstick to glide on easily and without flaking. Then line the lips, taking particular care over the cupids bow area to define well, using the correct shade to match your chosen lipstick. Take your chosen shade of chocolate lipstick and apply using the liner as a guide. Blot with a tissue and re-apply to ensure maximum coverage and long-lasting effects. Finish with a coat of sealant to for longer lasting colour. Aside from the lips, make-up should be minimal, letting your skin shine through. To get the full Donna Karan look, buff up eyebrows to make them big and bold, and use a little black mascara to contrast the more neutral tones.

Source: www.ftape.com

Colour Pop: Jil Sander Spring/Summer ‘12
Colour blocking doesn’t have to end at your outfit; now you can extend to your make-up. Raf Simons at Jil Sander decided to do just that for his catwalk show for spring, giving a flick of blue eye liner and a full red pout to go with it. Wear with an all-over clashing colour on your outfit for maximum impact.

To get the look, take a light blue liner, preferably liquid, and carefully draw a thin line across the lid to the outer corner of the eye. Check the line is straight – if not gradually build up to make sure the line looks even and symmetrical. If using a pencil liner, it may be easier to gently smudge the line to give a softer look and create a more even line. For full red lips, start by adding a small amount of lip balm to the lips (as before), then blot away excess with a tissue, to prevent flaking and dryness. Using a bright red lip liner, trace carefully around the outer line of the lips, and gently rub the pencil lightly over the lips, inside the lines, to shade inside. This will help the lipstick stay on longer. Then take your bright red lipstick and apply, using the lip liner as a guide. Fill in with a thin lip brush if it is a bit tricky to keep the lipstick even. Finish with a lipstick sealant and keep the rest of make-up fresh and natural with a hint of blusher on top of cheekbones.

Source: www.fashion.vogue.com

What do you think of these spring make-up looks? Which ones will you be trying this season?

Stay Gorgeous,
Indulgence x