Stop in Time

Our favourite beauty and skin care brand, Bare Minerals, is launching a new product to add to their ever expanding range. The newly formulated ‘Multi-Wrinkle Repair’ has been created to target fine lines and wrinkles, bringing new competition to the anti-aging skin care market. Using their all natural mineral philosophy, the anti-wrinkle serum contains key ingredients such as ActiveSoil, peptides and plant extracts to actively reduce wrinkles, crows feet and lines.

In an independently conducted study, 80% of women showed reduction in the appearance of lines around the forehead and brow line, and 100% showed a reduction in the appearance of lines and wrinkles around the eye area. With those statistics, it’s going to be a challenge for other products to compete.

Skin care experts recommend using an anti-aging cream from the approximate age of thirty and onwards, depending on the skin condition of the individual. Prevention is better than cure, and using a good anti-aging cream early on can actively help to prevent wrinkles and lines from appearing before their time. Finding the right cream for you can help you keep your skin looking naturally glowing and fresh, stopping time in its tracks!

If you’d like to know which anti-wrinkle cream could suit your skin type, pop in for a consultation with one of our highly trained therapists. We offer skin care from both Dermalogica and Bare Minerals.

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