The Perfect Base

We always get asked in the salon how to create flawless looking skin, using different tips and tricks with our make-up. So we decided to do a quick and easy post to show you how to create the perfect base; the Bare Minerals way.

First, (after cleansing, toning and moisturising, of course) add a small squeeze of Prime Time primer to the t-zones, blending onto the cheeks, around the mouth and chin. If you suffer from oily, shiny skin as the day goes on, try a little of the Bare Minerals Oil Control lotion added to problem areas, to prevent excess oil production. Wait a few seconds for the skin to absorb.

Then working around the eyes, we recommend Bare Minerals new concealer, ‘Well-Rested’, which was designed specifically with dark circles in mind. Using a concealer brush, swirl the brush into a little of the powder-like formula until the brush hairs are completely covered. Buff onto the area under the eyes, working into the contours of the face around the eyes and up into the brow bone.

Then take the correct shade of Bisque concealer, and, working in the same way as the under-eye concealer, buff around any areas of redness, blemishes, or uneven patches. Buff around the nose, underneath the nostril and blend onto the cheeks.

Tap a small amount of foundation into the lid and buff and swirl all over the face with the Full Flawless brush until you are happy with the coverage. Add extra if needed.

Then, using a small amount of the Warmth bronzer and the Flawless Face brush, lightly brush over the cheek bones, up onto the brow bone and the sides of the forehead, moving down underneath the jaw line, and a little down the centre of the nose (almost in a ‘3’ shape down each side of the face). This will brighten the face and add to the definition of the bone structure by contouring the face, as well as lifting and adding a bronzed effect.

Finish by lightly brushing over with the Mineral Veil formula all over the skin, giving you the perfect, flawless foundation.

Why not try the Bare Minerals kit today to see how to achieve your perfect base. Let us know how you get on 😀

Stay gorgeous,

Indulgence x