The Quest for the Perfect Eyebrow

As a girl with a rather large set of brows throughout my life, finally getting them waxed was a mini-revelation to my 13 year old self. They’ve always had quite a high arch and a thick block at the front, before rounding off into a sort of rainbow shape. I’ve always been fairly happy with the result, until our Head Therapist, Gemma, kept mentioning the ever-popular HD brows. Having only seen the work on the likes of several page 3 girls with the too-dark and thick overpowering styles, I have to say I was a little sceptical. So I started having a research, and came across some surprising results. Counting several celebrities, including the gorgeous girl band, The Saturdays, as fans, the HD brand seems to be rather in demand at the moment. And having seen some of the fab before and after pictures, I warmed up a little to the idea.

So here’s what I’ve learnt: The HD brow system uses a 7 step method to achieve the perfect shaped eyebrow. This includes waxing, threading and plucking, as the initial hair removal stage, as well as tinting, combing and pencil shaping. The clever bit is in the shape; HD is like a brand of shape of the brow, creating the perfect, streamlined arch for the client’s face, taking into account the natural shape of the client’s face, their features, contours, etc. And voila! Once completed, clients have said to feel slimmer in the face, younger looking and overall a huge improvement on their looks. Not bad for a 40 minute treatment.

Now here’s the tricky bit. In order to have this treatment, you have to completely grow out your natural eyebrows -which tends to take approximately one month. Eeek! So I’m currently going through the growing period. It’s been about two weeks already and I have to say I’m struggling. But I’m hoping it will all be worth it. So I’m persevering! Here’s a few pictures of my current busy brow situation, and I’ll keep you posted on my journey to find the perfect eyebrow shape! Fingers crossed.

brows 2




Stay gorgeous,

Indulgence x