Trendy Lip Transfers

After the success of nail wraps and transfers this year, a few brands have begun to bring out an updated version of the trend; for a different body part. Lip wraps and transfers are slowly making their way onto the market, after being seen in various photo shoots and on celebrities like the super-cool Jessie J (below).

So we, of course, had to try them out for ourselves at Indulgence HQ. We tried and tested the ‘Trendy’ nail wraps, available online at around £8.95 for a pack of three. In every kind of colour and pattern possible, this trend definitely isn’t for the introverted. They can be purchased from

Once you’ve picked your favourite pattern, now comes the tricky bit; application. We think it’s best if two of you try this together – one to hold the lip transfer, the other as the model. DIY is not an option as it is quite fiddly and tricky to get the hang of.

Each pack comes with a sheet of instructions, which give you a step by step guide of how to apply. They are easy to follow, however, a steady hand is key. Cutting the lip transfer into the right shape for your lips is the hardest part, as a pre-cut shape is already given as standard, and by placing the shape over your lips, you must determine where to cut the transfer to fit your own lip shape.

Once this is done, take one of the transfers cut into shape, and peel off the plastic backing, revealing the patterned transfer. Place this side onto lips, and using a damp cotton pad, dab onto the paper backed side of the transfer. When the transfer has stuck, the paper will slide off easily, showing the print now securely over the lips. We found getting the actual shape of our lips a little tricky, but the transfers come off with a little oil and cotton wool slowly rubbed off of the area. For little mistakes, we used oil and a cotton bud to trace over the line of our lips and make sure the shape was more even. We also added a little clear lip gloss over the top for added shine which we thought was a great finishing touch!

The pack says transfers last up to eight hours… I lasted three before having to take mine off, but in that time I ate and drank and not a spot came off, so we’re going to bet that they would go the whole eight hours if you wanted them to last!

Take a look at our lips:



Overall our verdict of the lip wraps: very cool, effective, great for fancy dress, but a little gimmicky and not particularly wearable for a day-to-day basis. Also, we’d suggest not kissing anyone with them on either!

Let us know how you get on with your lip tattoos. What do you think about them?

Stay Gorgeous

Lauren xx